Meeting Customer Needs

NEW FOLDERS - Press Tech designs and builds complete web press folders for new and existing presses. Most are jaw folders and can be either full combination or specific fold models. The folders may be pin or pinless, straight or collect, and can be supplied with either a former or as a ribbon machine. Press Tech has built folders in the following cutoffs; 22.84, 22.75, 22.50, 22.25, 21.75, 21.50 and 21.00 inches.

RELATED EQUIPMENT - Press Tech designs and builds press related equipment for existing presses such as anglebars, balloon formers, web severers, compensators and web inverters.

MODIFICATIONS - Press Tech will assist in repositioning or adding new elements to an existing press. This includes structual components, platforms, driveline changes and clutch work.

ENHANCEMENTS - Press Tech redesigns a section of an existing folder, regardless of OEM, to improve speed or address a chronic reliability problem.

PARTS - Press Tech maintains a substantial inventory of folder consumables such as urethane covered jaw blades, tucking blades, cutting sticks, soft cheekwoods and grippers. Engineered components such as folding cylinders, cams, gears, stationary jaws, torsion rods, RTF's, slitter rolls and split nips may also be available on a made to order basis.