Welcome to Press Tech Company

Press Tech Company is a manufacturer of web press folders and related equipment. Our folders can be found on Harris, Heidelberg, Goss, Baker Perkins and Mitsubishi web presses.

Why Choose a Press Tech Folder?

A custom folder can relieve many of the constraints built into other folders on the market. The lower folder is reviewed to meet the exact needs. The cutoff size, type of fold and the speed are specified, but it doesn't end there. Press Tech will discuss and make recommendations from an entire menu of considerations focused in the critical lower section where the folds are established.

Many of the PT folders have been added to existing lines where there are location constraints. Design considerations can include; line shaft or servo driven, reversible formers and delivery directions, ECT. Also if additional equipment is needed to complete the solution PT provides; angle bars, comp sections, web re-aligners, balloon formers, structure/decking and will work with, and incorporate, any other auxiliary equipment vendor requested by the customer to provide the optimum solution.

On new equipment design and installations we will work with the Press line OEM's and their customer early in the design stage to ensure the needs of both parties are clearly understood and met.